Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby shower/birthday party

On Sunday the 26th of April, our family threw us a baby shower since we won´t be here when the baby comes. (By the way, for anyone who hasn´t heard yet, Jenny is 4 months pregnant with a baby boy!!) It ended up being a baby shower/ birthday party since my (Jenny) birthday is on the 27th.

It was hysterical at the baby shower because they made all of the guys blow up balloons and stuff them in their shirts where they had to remain all evening. We played a game where Shaun and to feed Jenny from a baby bottle filled with soda. We were racing against 2 other couples to see who could empty the bottle first. We finished in second place. We also played a bunch of other games, we had some food including a delicious cake and we even got some gifts. It was a wonderful cultural experience and we had a blast! The only requirement our family gave us is that we need to come back when our baby is walking so they can meet him!
The cake

The tradition in Honduras is that you are supposed to take a bite out of your birthday cake before they cut into it. But as you attempt to take a bite, someone always smashes the cake in your face!

Shaun.....he´s enjoying being pregnant way too much!

It was a pretty big party

This is us with our amazing host mom, Gollita, and one of the outfits that she got for our baby.

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Nick and Elana said...

That is so fun!!!! Always enjoy reading your posts :) Can't wait to see you guys!!!