Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This is our house in Kennedy. It's one of the biggest houses in the colonia we live in. There are always kids over at the house!!!

These are our host "parents" Pompilio and Gollita. They are soooo funny. Gollita stuffs us full of food everyday and Pompilio loves to talk politics and he loves John McCain. It's histerical!!

This is our shower. Almost everyday we have hot running water!!! But, there were about 3 days when the pipes broke and so we had to take bucket baths. It was very entertaining and I'm glad it only lasted for 3 days!!!

This last picture needs a little longer of an explanation. Every year at Christmas in the US, my (Jenny) family goes to a restaurant called "The Cozy". They have a huge seafood buffet and everyone on my dad's side of the family attends. So, the night my family went to the Cozy and got seafood, salads and any dessert you could ever want, Shaun and I were eating fried eggs, beans, pupusas (the thing Shaun's eating in the picture) and fried plantains (what Jenny's eating in the picture). It wasn't a bad meal but it was no match to the Cozy!!!
Today I got to help make nacatamales which are a traditional Honduran Christmas food. You put a cornmeal mixture, some kind of sauce, rice, potatoes, olives, capers, raisins, and either pork or chicken in a banana leaf and wrap it up. Then you cook it for 6 hours in boiling water. We get to eat them tomorrow for Christmas!!!!
Also, the other day we went to a restaurant for lunch. Everything was going really well. We walked in and found seats and we didn't have any problems talking with the waitress. We got all of our food just as we had ordered. We were feeling quite proud of ourselves for our success in ordering in Spanish. After we had finished eating, we sat and waited for our bill...and we waited and waited and waited. We probably waited for about 15 - 20 mins and we at this point we thought for sure we must be doing something wrong and we were beginning to feel embarrased for not knowing what to do next. So, we finally asked one of the waitresses walking by how we could get our check. And much to our surprise she said our waitress was supposed to bring it out to us. Our waitress had been wiping off tables and talking with her friends and had simply forgotten about us! So, we finally got our bill...with the help of the other waitress and went on our way. Adventures in Honduras!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This past week was great! Mainly because I got to play soccer...a lot! On Monday night I went to play soccer with about 10 other guys from the church. We started playing at about 10pm and we were planning on playing until about midnight. I knew had class at 8am the next morning but if it comes to soccer or sleeping, that's a no-brainer. About 30 mins. in, one of the guys was dribbling next to the wall and a guy from the opposing team ran at him to try and steal the ball. In the process he took the first guys feet out from under him. The guy flew up in the air and hit the wall. He hit the ground and started screaming...I have never heard a grown man scream so loud. Here he had completely dislocated his shoulder and broken his arm. It took about an hour for the ambulance to arrive and as they put the temporary cast on him and put the stretcher under him he would scream and scream. He is doing better now and obviously needed surgery to fix his arm.

Jenny also had a unique experience. We have a bird...a green parrot (Lolita), that lives right outside our room. The parrot likes to talk (only in Spanish). Any way, Jenny was using the restroom which is also located right outside our bedroom. As she opened the door to the restroom and walked out the parrot started to whistle at her!! It was whistling, like you would if you see a pretty girl walking down the street. It was hysterical. Not long after this Jenny wanted to take a nap and the parrot started talking really loud. So she walked out of our bedroom and began telling the parrot to keep quiet. And the parrot started to laugh at her. Needless to say, Jenny has found a new friend!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well, we finally made it to Honduras!!!!! We left Harrisburg for the airport at 1am on Thursday morning and arrived in Tegucigalpa at about 4:30 (5:30 home time). It was a long day of traveling but we are pleased to inform you that we made it safely and with all of our luggage. We have been staying with the Horst's since we arrived and we'll be moving in with our host families tomorrow. We explored the neighborhood (colonia Kennedy) we'll be living in yesterday and today we went downtown Tegucigalpa (el centro). We had our first experience with the bus systems and even ordered ourselves some smoothies. Please ask us any questions so we know what you want to know.