Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last night was our last night in our house. We're moving out all the big stuff today (including our bed) and tomorrow will be spent clearing out all the small stuff and cleaning for the next person renting. We're kinda sad to be leaving but since we were renting, it never really felt like our house. We'll be staying at the Kipe's until the 7th when we go to Harrisburg. We are going to visit Hylton and Kara in TN on Thurs. and we'll be there til Tues. That should be a lot of fun. We always have fun with them and we haven't seen them for a while!!

Well, here are a few pictures of our house and us on our last night in it!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yesterday at Shaun's work they had a cookout and also brought him a "going away" cake. It's soo cute! I'm only sad that I didn't get to taste any because chocolate cake with peanut butter icing is not only Shaun's favorite cake but my favorite too. The cake was so cute that I thought I should put it here so everyone could see it too.!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Packing Maddness

So right now we're packing up our house/apartment and getting ready for our training to begin in Harrisburg. We have accumulated so much stuff for only being married a little over a year. I've already packed up 3, 35 gallon size plastic tubs with kitchen stuff alone. And there is so much more to do! We need to be out 0f our house by next Thursday and so you can imagine what our house looks like right now! It's hard to decide what to take along with us and what to pack and what to throw out. After we move out of this house, we're moving in with Shaun's parents for a week before we go to Harrisburg.

For those of you who don't know, the training we're doing is for the STEP team. It's a group of (hopefully) 6 that will go to Honduras for 5 months and do whatever needs doing there. We might teach, we might build things, we might help out at children's/nursing homes.......whatever they need. The entire program is from Sept. 7th 2008- May 23 2009 so it's a big commitment. We're so excited to get started!!!

Our lovely kitchen and living room...
Another shot of the living room...

Hallway into the bedroom...