Friday, April 17, 2009


LAMR stands for Latin American Missionary Retreat. We spent the weekend before Easter in San Lorenzo, one of the hottest cities in Honduras. This was a gathering of all of the BIC missionaries serving in Latin America, there were about 25 of us total. It was a very refreshing and encouraging time.

After having completed 4 months in Honduras which included two months of Language Study and 2 months of ministry it was refreshing to speak with other English speakers. It was also fun sharing stories about our experiences in our different countries. We also had teaching sessions on Ephesians, we had worship times (in English!) and these were very encouraging times.

During this weekend we also had a chance to go back to Orocuina, the city out in the campo. We went there for the church service on Sunday. It was probably 100 degrees and we had the church service outside under the trees. There were pigs and dogs walking through the service and once again because most of these people have not seen too many white folks we were very popular. It was really neat to see that even way out here in the backlands of Honduras they are worshiping and serving the same God that we worship back home in the United States. It helps you to realize the impact that Christ can have on a person´s life. These people way out here accepted us as brothers and sisters.

We also had a little bit of free time to walk around the city or swim in the pool at the hotel. Also for fun, one evening we had a talent show...everyone had to participate. Darrin Horst´s talent was my absolute favorite. He chose 5 people and took them out of the room. Then he came back in and setup two tables lengthwise against each other to make one long table. Then he covered the tables with a table cloth and placed items under buckets on the table. At the place where the two tables joined he had one of is friend hide under the table cloths with only his head sticking out and then he placed a bucket over his head. Then he brought the first contestant back in and told them that this was a race. They had to run down the length of the tables and remove the buckets and shout out the name of the object underneath. Unbeknownst to the contestant was the fact that a person´s head was under one of the buckets. I think all 5 of the contestants nearly had a heartattack when they lifted up this bucket. I wish we could upload video footage, because it was hysterical (our connection is too slow to upload video).

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