Friday, April 3, 2009


This past Saturday we visited a waterfall about 4 hours north of Tegucigalpa. Leo's friend was here and so we took him along and we also took Rachel and Ronal (other friends) and Ronal's brother. We left about 7:30 and traveled on the wonderful roads of Honduras (thanks mom for the Seabands!!) over montains and potholes until we finally arrived around 11.

The waterfall was beautiful. It was really nice to see something other than cars and buses which is what we get here in the city. After treking down the mountain to get the best view of the falls, we went swimming in the stream above the falls. The water was pretty warm and very refreshing since it´s been about 90 degrees everyday here!!
We stayed until about 2 and then headed back to Tegucigalpa. On the way back we stopped at a small place on the lake to eat. The choices were fried fish or fried chicken. Shaun and I each decided to eat fish and we even got to pick out our own fish to eat. They fry the fish as is (bones head and all) and then put it on your plate and serve it to you. Delicious! The view from the restaurant was beautiful. It was really nice to spend a day outside the city!!
(Kara, in these pictures you can see my baby belly!!!)

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