Monday, January 12, 2009

Locked out or in?

This past week was rather uneventful. At this point we have sort of gotten in the groove of going to class each day for 4 hours in the morning and then we have culture class or talking to people on the street each afternoon.

The other day we went to use an internet cafe. Our one brother had come over to ¨house-sit¨ at our house. (There always has to be someone in the house and our host parents were away and we left to use the internet cafe, so our brother came over to house-sit). He was supposed to stay there until we got home, but when we got home he had left. We rang the doorbell numerous times and nothing happened, we also tried knocking on the door...still nothing happened. After waiting on the front porch for about 20 mins, our neighbor from upstairs let us walk through her house to get to our room located at the back of our house. Unfortunately once we got into the back hallway where our room was we realized that we still could not get into the main house, because the back door of the house was also locked! We could get in our room. However, now we were locked in because you have to go through the main house to get back outside. Needless to say we found it rather humorous later on that we had been locked out of the house and then locked in the house!!

Yesterday Jenny and I got to go to the first soccer game of the year of the Honduran Professional league. Montagua, a team from here in Tegucigalpa (the team we were routing for) played against Real Juventud from Santa Barbara. Montagua was a better team, and hit the post once and had a couple of great opportunities to score but failed to do. The final score was 0-0...kind of boring, but it was fun to see the national stadium and experience a Honduran crowd. The ¨student section¨ was hysterical. They sang the whole game, sometimes about the game, many times making fun of the opposing team. They also set of fireworks and started a few fires in the stands. One guy tried to body surf down the fans and flew off and landed on the cement stands...he was probably drunk. The best part was when they gathered around the police and started singing songs to the policemen! The cops didn´t find it too amusing...but we thought it was funny.

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Jean Elizabeth said...

Hola Jenny, Se ve que estan disfrutando mucho de su visita a Honduras. Que bueno que finalmente entraron en la casa y todo estaba bien. ¿Hay muchos peligro y robos alli? ¿les gusta la comida? !Que bonitos loros!¿Hablan?

Diviertanse mucho pero mas de todo tengan mucho cuidado!
con cariƱo, Jean