Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Party at the Park

Our host mom turns 60 today so on Sunday we went to the park to have a cookout for her. It was freezing!!! And by freezing I mean it was probably 50-55 degrees and raining. I know that doesn't sound cold but when you're used to 80 and sunny its freezing! We were there from 10-3!! It was a lot of fun...food, pinata, cake, soccer.....you can't beat it!

Now for the pictures:

First is our family and our host mom with the cake.
Second, Shaun and Walter fighting over the ball in a wild game of soccer with the men of the family
Third, The pinata with Gollita (our mom) and the family
Forth, Walter grilling the amazing food
Fifth, Jenny pushing Sofia on the swings

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny & Shaun!

Thanks so much for keeping everyone posted on your adventures and sending pictures. It looks likes you have been blessed with an awesome host family and house (despite the problem with the shower)... and soccer!! Lolita sounds like a riot.

The weather sounds pleasant too. We are expecting a little snow and sleet tonight.

I look forwarding to reading more about how God continues to use you in Honduras! You guys rock.

Miss and love ya,