Sunday, January 4, 2009


This past week, we took a trip to Copan Ruinas where we visited the Mayan ruins. We left early Monday morning and we were expecting to be able to sleep on the way there but.... First of all, the vehicle. It´s a 12 passenger van with over 200 thousand miles. The air conditioner doesn´t work and remember it´s 90 degrees down here. The shocks are completely shot and when you open the windows, the rubber around the windows as well as the pealing tint make a horrible rattling noise. Also, there is an ugly exhaust fume that comes out of the vents in the front of the van so you have to keep the windows open! Second, there is the road. Honduras is only mountains so you´re always driving up and down really steep slopes. There are no guard rails and many times half the road is missing so there is only one lane. Futhermore, there are potholes everywhere and no road rules. People drive as fast as they want and pass when they feel like it. Not the most conducive conditions for sleeping. (oh, and did we mention that the trip is 8 hours long?)

Finally we arrived in Copan about 4 in the afternoon and decided to take a trip to a nearby bird park. We got to ride in a mototaxi which you can see in one of the pictures. At the bird park we got to not only see the birds but interact with them too. Jenny really enjoyed the bird park because there was not only 1 bird whistling at her but about 100!
On Tuesday, we went to the ruins. We got a tour guide and to walk through all of the ruins and the tunnels under the ruins it took us about 3 hours. It was truely amazing! It´s really hard to describe using words so we posted a few pictures (we have many more we´ll show when we get home).
Happy New Year everyone!!

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