Thursday, December 18, 2008

This past week was great! Mainly because I got to play soccer...a lot! On Monday night I went to play soccer with about 10 other guys from the church. We started playing at about 10pm and we were planning on playing until about midnight. I knew had class at 8am the next morning but if it comes to soccer or sleeping, that's a no-brainer. About 30 mins. in, one of the guys was dribbling next to the wall and a guy from the opposing team ran at him to try and steal the ball. In the process he took the first guys feet out from under him. The guy flew up in the air and hit the wall. He hit the ground and started screaming...I have never heard a grown man scream so loud. Here he had completely dislocated his shoulder and broken his arm. It took about an hour for the ambulance to arrive and as they put the temporary cast on him and put the stretcher under him he would scream and scream. He is doing better now and obviously needed surgery to fix his arm.

Jenny also had a unique experience. We have a bird...a green parrot (Lolita), that lives right outside our room. The parrot likes to talk (only in Spanish). Any way, Jenny was using the restroom which is also located right outside our bedroom. As she opened the door to the restroom and walked out the parrot started to whistle at her!! It was whistling, like you would if you see a pretty girl walking down the street. It was hysterical. Not long after this Jenny wanted to take a nap and the parrot started talking really loud. So she walked out of our bedroom and began telling the parrot to keep quiet. And the parrot started to laugh at her. Needless to say, Jenny has found a new friend!


Erica said...

Jenny, I can just see you scolding that bird. :) Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

smart bird...
Darrin's family in Guatemala City talks to him in Spanish too. He said that it won't shut up!
I wish that I could have heard your conversation with that bird, Jenny!
Shaun, not to make you envious, (okay be envious) Beth and I went to the Guatemala City soccer final on Sunday! I thought you'd like to know!

Kara Kipe said...

Love your updates. They are hysterical. You all sound like you are having a great time. Soak it all in! Your house is very picturesque. It's Christmas Eve and we are twittling our thumbs for another four days until the rest of the kipes and Elana come join us. We miss you all immensely. Won't be the same without you. We are going to have a gingerbread house contest. Boys against girls... we will be missing your competetiveness and I will especially missing Jenny's track record with beating Shaun:) The boys are already talking smack about staircases and multi level houses. It should be interesting. I have a blog too. Hasn't been updated in awhile but you can check it out at Love you two and miss you much. Oh... good news about my dad... we think the God has healed him... his levels are going down. .. he had good test results. Yay! Praise to God who can do immesurably more than we can immagine. xoxo
Kar for the three Kipes